Who else?

I would love to see anyone try and offer up a plausible alternative for the Heisman winner aside from Tim Tebow. Forget that he is a sophomore and look at the stats alone. When you compare his stats against anyone else's in the country, particularly recognizing that he gets his while playing in the #1 conference in the country, it's impossible (in my opinion) to believe that anyone else deserves it more than him. 2007 Season Stats: Passing: 2,532 YDS | 23 TD 5 INT | 67.8 CMP% Rushing: 718 YDS | 19 TD

He's going to finish the season with over 3,000 yards passing and 1,000 yards rushing! He should have at least 20 rushing touchdowns to go along with at least 25 passing touchdowns! Not to mention that he's passing at almost a 70% completion rate!

If anyone else wins the Heisman it will be a travesty.


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