What a day!

For those of you who read this blog who are part of the Frederick Family, yesterday was a fantastic day, wasn't it? The Lord's Supper is always a powerful time for me to consider the death of Christ. The piece that the choir performed at the beginning of the service was incredibly moving as we were focused on the sacrifice of the cross. Although I stumbled my way through the Lord's Supper our team did a wonderful job working together. The message seemed, to me anyway, to be a difficult one to move through. Some days it seems as if it is easy to preach and some days it just seems as if it is a struggle, and yesterday was one of those struggling days. In spite of all that, though, it was incredibly exciting to see 3 new families join our church and one excited young girl come forward to follow through on her decision for Christ! Experiencing exciting moments like that just moves me. Be sure to join us next Sunday as we have a number of people to baptize in the morning service. It should be a fun time watching as they follow Christ in obedience. I can't wait to see each of you soon!