The Origins Project

Last October we had the privilege of hosting Dave Gibbons, of NewSong Church in Irvine, California, as one of our guest speakers at Frederick Boulevard for our GO Conference. While I didn't know of Dave prior to the conference, Bob Roberts had recommended him to us and so we were excited to learn more about Dave and his ministry. Needless to say, Dave absolutely floored us with his talk. His commitment to global mission combined with his passion for cultural investment was challenging and encouraging. Due primarily to his influence, we've begun researching more ways to use business, entrepreneurship and education as part of our plan to take the message of Christ to the nations. Since last October I have been following Dave with a great deal of interest. Tonight I came across a new project that Dave is involved in that appears to be something I want to be a part of. Many of you who read this blog have a passion for mission and so I thought you might be interested in it as well. The new project is a community called "The Origins Project". Dave has posted a video on the site [to see the site, click here], and I've posted the video below for you to see.

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