Weekend WebGems

Anyone who knows me for any length of time knows that I'm a HUGE Kansas City Royals fan. In most seasons this is a laughable concession, but this year we Royals fans have great hope for our Boys in Blue - and much of the national media seems to agree. Two weeks in and we're alone in 1st place, mostly because of our good pitching. Thankfully our hitting appears to be coming around, as evidenced by the 12-3 pummeling we gave the Texas Rangers last night. Anyone, what hasn't been great so far has been our infield defense. However, if we continue to get more plays like what we saw last night, we may be just fine. Check out this play by Alberto Callaspo, our 2nd baseman. This video is ESPN's WebGems for April 17th, and Callaspo's play is the #1 WebGem of the night. It's crazy good.

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