Good Friday

I know it's not the holiday Good Friday, but I think it's good nonetheless. A wonderful man at our church called me a few minutes ago and told me to take a look at our local newspaper. We have a section entitled "It's Your Call". This is a place where people can call an answering service and leave anonymous comments which are in turn posted in the paper. Often these comments border on the ridiculous but occasionally there is a gem in the middle of the other comments. Today is one of those days with a good comment. It's encouraging words like this that help make my day. It's incredibly exciting to hear how God is at work at Frederick Boulevard. The article is reprinted below or you can check it out in its original form by clicking here. Those who are part of the Frederick family, thanks so much for continuing to be faithful! I'll see you Sunday!


A wake up call

I always thought Christians were a bunch of judgmental goodie-goodies. God just gave me a wake up call a few months ago, just like many other calls I fail to hear. Why is it when everything seems to go wrong I turn to anything else to make myself happy — shopping, eating, TV, computer, drinking and even drugs? Why did I try all these exhausting and complicated things and avoid just saying a prayer or cracking open a Bible? If you’re like me and you’ve tried all of these quick fixes maybe you could just say a prayer. It’s really worth a shot. Real peace is something I can’t describe, I’ve never had and now I can’t live without. Also, a big thank you to Frederick Boulevard Baptist Church for all their unjudging love.