Weekend Worship :: 40

This week's WW is a bit different. The video below is a video of U2 in concert. Anyone who has read this site for any length of time knows that I believe U2 to be the greatest rock band of all time (Beatles eat your heart out :-) ). This video, though, was put together before Bill Hybels interviewed U2 front man, Bono, at the 2006 Leadership Summit. It shows how we can praise God at all times and in all situations as Bono uses the platform of a rock concert to praise God and then uses his platform of fame to speak about his passion, that being the poor, at the 2006 National Prayer Breakfast. You may not agree with all of Bono's theology but this is a good time to consider his passion and how he directs his energy. When most of his contemporaries are investing their passions in the pursuit of their own pleasure, he has chosen to live differently in an attempt to please God and make a difference for Him. We would each be wise to consider our own passions, it seems to me, in light of Bono's example.