Bowling with the girls

Last night was a lot of fun. I had the night off and Tracy had to go to Kansas City with Kessed and so Grace and I along with her friend Ashtyn and Ashtyn's dad, Jason, decided to go bowling. I wasn't completely sure if a 2 year old could bowl but we decided to go anyway. It ended up being a blast! Grace and Ashtyn loved it! You can see some pictures of it here, and if all goes well I hope to have video online soon as well. I'll tell you this, though. After a full day of riding the 4-wheeler, swinging on the swing set, going in to town to go bowling and then finishing up with dinner at McDonald's I was absolutely worn out. My hat is once again off to stay at home moms. Women like Tracy are the most unbelivable people I know. There just isn't that much energy in my body!

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