Southern Baptists, Evangelicals & the future of Denominationalism

I'm excited to take a few days vacation next month to head over to Jackson, TN with Tracy and attend "Southern Baptists, Evangelicals & the future of Denominationalism", a conference hosted by Union University. I mentioned this conference back in July, but wanted to elaborate on it a bit.

I am incredibly grateful, and to be honest indebted, to Southern Baptists and their love for God and His Word. My entire life, even pre-birth, has been spent in SBC churches. I came to faith and was baptized at an SBC church, I was called to ministry, licensed and ordained by SBC churches. My undergrad and graduate degrees have been & are being financed by members of SBC churches. Beyond all that, however, I am thankful for the SBC because of their commitment to doctrinal faithfulness and their incredible willingness to take the message of Christ and share it with the world. I am committed to the SBC because of those things, and even more. With that being said, it is also a fair question to ask about the future of denominational life in our current context. In a culture where institutional loyalty is reaching an all time low, when our effectiveness seems to be waining at the same time our partnership seems to be more needed than ever, is there a viable, successful future for the structure of denominations? I think there is, and I have a feeling that the speakers at this even think there is as well.

With a lineup that is second to none, from an academic perspective, and includes men like Dr. Timothy George, Dr. David Dockery, Dr. Ed Stetzer, Dr. Nathan Finn, Dr. Mark Devine, Dr. Al Mohler & Dr. Danny Akin I can't imagine a more qualified panel to assess and discuss this from both a historical, academic and futuristic perspective.

So, if you are interested in the SBC and can find the time to head to Union for a few days in October, I'd really encourage you to consider joining us! There are a series of promo videos here, but for now I'll conclude with this promo video from my friend Ed Stetzer.

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