Session 4 :: Dr. Chris Schofield :: Effective Prayer Ministry in the Small Church

Well, after a little bit of sleep last night we're back for day 2 of the conference which promises to be an exciting one. Last night was a fun evening for me because a really good friend of mine, Patrick Fuller, is a local pastor at Southside Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC and Patrick came down and spent some time with me after the conference ended. Patrick and I were really good friends during college. I was a groomsman in his wedding and he was in mine. We don't get to see each other that often so it was really nice to see him and hear about the good things that God is doing at Southside. The highlight of today's schedule, while looking at the itinerary, is hearing Dr. Frank Page, SBC President, speak this evening. Until then, however, I'm looking forward to hearing a couple of friends speak. Kevin Bussey will speak in just a few minutes on how the small church can engage in Church Planting. Kevin, for those of you who know him, is wearing a suit and tie. I promise to post a picture. ;-) C.B. Scott is also speaking this morning. C.B. is a man that I really admire in SBC life. I'm looking forward to hearing him share about seeing how God is at work in the small church.

Right now Dr. Chris Schofield, who works with the Prayer and Spiritual Awakening Department of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina is sharing on how you can have an effective prayer ministry in the small church. I've thrown a picture up of Dr. Schofield and will hopefully have the audio up soon.