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Most who are reading this have probably already read the interview with Dr. Bill Curtis, Chairman of the Board of the North American Mission Board. If you have not, you need to. I won't reproduce the article here, however, if you would like to read it you can do so by clicking here. I will, however, include one quote that I particularly enjoyed because of my bias towards blogging. I hope you enjoy it as well!

Question #5. Chadwick Ivester: Some say that blogging played a big part in the 2006 SBC Presidential Election. Do you think that “bloggerism” has contributed to help break the “stronghold”of the SBC “powerbrokers?”

Bill Curtis: Well, I like to say that Luther nailed the first blog onto the church door at Wittenburg; it wasn’t popular then . . . and it’s not too popular now! For Luther, it was a means of calling for reformation in a system that was resistant to change, and in a context where he wasn’t able to gain much of a hearing. Frankly, this kind of dialogue has been happening for centuries. With the internet, however, it has greatly expanded the opportunity for people to voice their opinions and to dialog about issues that are significant. It has given a new voice for everyone to participate in the conversation. Blogging in our convention represents a call for accountability, a call for change in some situations, and a call for relevance.