I read this article on my hometown newspaper's (The Chipley Bugle) website. This is a really neat story about commitment to voting. This is the commitment missing among the "Vote or Die" crowd!

Life-long Democrat Votes for Bush Before Going to Hospital Wednesday, November 3, 2004 Some citizens take their right (and responsibility) to vote much more seriously than others. A case in point is Washington County resident Joe Lawrence. Janie Eden, a poll worker at Precinct #17 (Shepherds Gate Church) told the heart-warming story following last night's election. Eden reported that a woman came into the precinct about 3:30 Tuesday to cast her ballot. While she was there, the lady explained that her husband was sick, but wanted to vote. She asked poll workers if she loaded him in a van and brought him down there if he could vote without having to come inside. Eden explained that there actually was a provision in the law that would allow two poll workers to go outside with the ballot and allow the man to vote. Between 4 and 5 Tuesday afternoon, an ambulance pulled up at the precinct. Joe Lawrence -- hooked up to IV's, a heart monitor, oxygen and with three attendants -- had refused to go to Bay Medical ICU until they took him to vote. Lawrence explained that he had been a Democrat all his life, as had his father and grandfather before him. He added that they would probably turn over in their graves, but he had to vote for Bush.

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