My theology…

My theology has come a long way. I've moved from pretty solid arminianism to a much more God centered approach to life. As a way of self-reflection I thought I would try and articulate some of my theology below. (Beware, this may be a little random) I believe that the center of everything is God. I believe that the central passion of God's heart is His own glory. I believe that God controls absolutely everything that comes to pass. The thought that God's desire is for His glory is vital to understanding my thought process. I honestly believe that God is the author of all things both good and what appears to be bad. Amos tells us, "If there is calamity in a city, is it not I [God] who caused it?"

I also believe strongly in not just election, but even in double predestination which I understand alienates me somewhat but which also rings true biblically.

I believe that many of the "end time" events in scripture have already happened. I believe that the time-frame statements of Jesus, among others, should be interpreted literally and as such many of the "end time" events in scripture actually occured within 50 years after His ascension. I believe that the church today has assumed the place of the Israelites in the Old Testament, or God's chosen people. As such I see no need to recognize Israel as occupying any special place in God's mind today, nor do I believe that our American government should treat the Israelite people with any special level of respect.

I believe in elder led churches. I believe that this is the model in the New Testament. I believe that our typical congregational church polity is an example of American democracy and not of New Testament practice.

I could continue to go on, and I think I will in a different post, but I think I will stop for now. Wow, that felt kind of good to put all that out there. Self-reflection is a healthy thing, I think.

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