If an independent church decided to host a conference and if that conference was so impressive to the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention that it acquires the endorsements, as well as financial sponsorship, of a majority of SBC agencies, one could rightly assume that the conference being hosted was a significant one. 

My friend Les Puryear is hosting just such a conference.  IMPACT 2008 appears to be a phenomenal conference that is much needed in the life of the SBC. In a time where we seem to recognize only large church pastors as the pillars of the convention, hosting a conference targeted towards small church leadership is long overdue.

So, all that being said, I want to encourage you to run over to the website [click here] and sign up to attend. You'll hear speakers like Dr. Alvin Reid, Dr. Frank Page, Dr. Tom Ellif, Dr. Brad Wagonner and many, many others who will help hone your ability to lead the small church. It's only $50 to attend, which is the best deal you'll find all year.