Copycat Journalism? I use that title in a joking manner, but it appears that Baptist Press has learned that there is great value in the presence of blogging at the annual meeting of the SBC. While many of us will be providing live commentary from the event it appears that they, too, will provide their commentary as it happens. I applaud their decision to follow our cue. The more sources providing information, the better the average Southern Baptist will be. I am always in favor of greater dissemination of information to the person at large in the SBC. I will be curious, as will many others, to see if their perspective of events varies from that of the rest of the bloggers reporting? [click here for the story] & [click here for the blog]

BCF goes Bigtime

As an alumnus of the prestigious Baptist College of Florida who is very proud of his alma mater, it was with great excitement that I recently read that another alumnus of the school, and a gentleman with whom I shared a few classes with over my first two years at the school, and his last two years there, has been named as the director of SBC's Seminary Extension. Congratulations are in order for Dr. Randall Williams as well as the wonderful Baptist College of Florida. [click here for the story]

Missouri: Home of the Elder Statesman?

I have been told, by numerous folks whom I consider to be reliable sources, that there are only 38 pastors in the Missouri Baptist Convention who are either 30 yrs of age of younger. In a convention of 1885 churches, this number is disconcerting, if accurate. It would maintain, if accurate, that only 2% of MBC pastors are younger than 30. I worry for the future of the convention if there is not a greater number of young pastors pouring their lives into this state. I am also curious how this number can be true when we have one of the six SBC seminaries here in the state turning out a plethora of pastors, many who would presumably be under the age of 30. It is curious, to say the least. Is there anyone reading this who can help me know whether this is an accurate number of not?

Baptists & B-Ball

Is anyone else excited that we will be in San Antonio at the same time as the NBA finals? I'm not a huge NBA fan, but I am a huge basketball fan and a huge sports fan. I've been looking at tickets for the Sunday night game in SA and the cheapest I can find them is for around $250 which currently rules them out for me. Maybe I can find a way to sneak in the backdoor and check out the epic Lebron vs. Duncan battle. That would be a blast.