This evening I concluded a series of revival meetings with my good friend, David Kaster, at the Faiport Baptist Church in Fairport, Missouri. FBC is a fantastic example of God's blessing on a church. They are located in a town of 60 ppl and yet have grown to run 150 in worship and are building a new worship facility to accomadate the people. God blessed our meetings and I thouroughly enjoyed my time with them. At the conclusion of the service David presented me with a gift which I sincerely appreciate and also am astonished about. He gave me his copy of the 15 volume "Spurgeon's Expository Encyclopedia" that was presented to him by his former pastor. This is a collection of over 7500 pages of Charles Spurgeon's sermons. I can't say enough how greatful I am for this gift. Tonight, I am truly blessed!

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