A wonderful day to be a sports fan!!!!

In response to freezer on his blog I need to post and comment that this is an awesome time of the year for sports fans! Sure March Madness just ended and there's not any football except for spring practice but there are so many good sporting events going on right now. It's enough to make me giddy! For starters baseball kicked off this past week. I love the Royals and even though everyone's picking us to be the worst team in MLB this year I know we can make a run at respectablity.

On top of that we're in the middle of NASCAR season. If you say that NASCAR is boring, you've never tried to spend time watching it! The races over the past two weeks have been awesome. Jimmie Johnson is a stud and WILL win the title this year. It's not the fasting growing sport in America without reason.

Finally the Masters starts today. After watching THE MAN, Phil Mickelson, win it all last year I'm pumped about watching Lefty, Sergio and Tiger slug it out with Ernie and Vijay for the green jacket!

And freezer says there's no good sports. Sorry man, you're flat wrong on this count!