A Suprising Source While I have always defended the right for American retailers to alter the way that they recognize the Christmas holiday, I still enjoy seeing people get it right. It doesn't bother me nearly as much as many of my friends and family when retailers use "Happy Holidays" and fail to use nativities, or Christmas trees, or other Christmas decorations. I understand that those who are not regenerated are going to consistently respond without regard for God or Christ. I recongize that they are not driven by regard for God, but rather by the bottom and line and therefore they won't respond the way that we would prefer that they respond. Having said that, I came across a recent article on judah's blog that peaked my interest. She shares about a new organization called "Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation." This organization is rather interesting in the defense of the Christian's right to celebrate their holiday. You can view their purpose as an organization here. Recently they released a response to the anti-Christmas bias that seems to be growing stronger and stronger each year. I think it's fascinating, to say the least. Read on and be encouraged.

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