A consumer mentality

While I am normally one of the more progressive people I know when it comes to the practical outworkings of the church, I am having a huge problem with the many churches in the US that are canceling their services on Christmas Day because it happens to fall on a Sunday this year. Please see this article where David Wells, professor of history and systematic theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary rightly calls this concept a result of a "consumer mentality." I've been discussing my thoughts about this over at justbeforebetween, but when I read this post, thanks to John S., I had to post myself about it. I've been a big fan of NorthPointe and Fellowship churches but I think we should take a cue from the Catholics, Methodists and the Episcopalians on this one and make worship on Christmas Sunday an important priority. I'll state my point once more that it isn't about having services on another day of the week that bothers me, it's the idea that we are inconvenienced by our normal worship so we would rather adjust worship to fit our schedules than the other way around. I commented at justbeforebetween that I thought that the world would view this as hypocrisy on our parts and I think this article helps to prove that point.

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