An H2O update.... Well, the convention has posted a reply to all of us "irresponsible bloggers" concerning the recent distribution snafu concerning water that was to be given out with a Budweiser logo on it. The funny thing about the situation is that, even though those invovled clarified their decision, it still doesn't change my frustration factor. It had a beer logo on it, so what? It's water, it's been donated and it's to be handed out to people that need it. It doesn't matter if there was water available across the street. You had water where you were so why not hand it out. Is there concern that you're supporting alcoholism b handing out bottles with the Bud logo on it? That's a little ridiculous isn't it? It also seems to me that if that's your reasoning than you should stop shopping at Wal-Mart because they sell more liquor than anyone else in my commnuity. You should also stop eating at Applebees, Friday's or any other establishment that sells liquor because through your profits you are continuing the support of liquor distribution in a much greater way than simply handing out water with a logo on the side. I hear their explanation and I still feel strangely dissatisfied.

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