Wow! A must read

Nathan Finn has done it again. This guy consistently amazes with his ability to hit a home run while dealing with topics that are tough to talk about, but are also part of the much needed conversation within Southern Baptist life. Today he begins a two-part series tackling "evangelism" within Southern Baptist life. He offers a tremendous amount of insight, but one that I thought was particularly powerful was the following quote.

Southern Baptists in particular seem to be under the corporate impression that marriage amendments, more pro-life judges, more Ten Commandments displays, government-sponsored school prayer and Bible reading, and ignoring the environment (you know, the platform of the Religious Right) will somehow soften the heart of our lost culture and make it easier to share the gospel. Whatever. I know that many probably take umbrage with this reason, but the fact remains that the people in our pews are much more concerned with gay marriage than with their lost neighbors. And so are our pastors. And so are our seminary and college students. What a terrible tragedy if conservative Christians actually “wins” America for the Religious Right while failing to truly share the gospel with lost Americans. (emphasis mine)

There is much more that I think is right on target as well. I would highly encourage you to tackle this article.

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