Worship from the weekend

I love what God is doing at our church. I know I've said that before, but to watch the change that has occurred in the life of the church, the environment of the church, I am constantly amazed at how heavenly it is to be a part of the movement of God. This Sunday was no exception. In worship this week, we were privileged again to experience the greatness of God magnified in our worship and to experience the Spirit of God sweep across our hearts. As we began to worship with a fast, exciting version of "I am a Friend of God" and then moved into prayer time and then the experience of singing "Indescribable" I was literally awed at the greatness of God and the finiteness of man. Each time I come face to face with the glory, the majesty, the greatness of God, I find myself feeling much like Isaiah in chapter 6 when he recognized his spiritual poverty and his inability to even look upon God. Then I am constantly reminded by God of the greatness of not just His holiness, but also of His grace as He forgave Isaiah and still chooses to forgive and use me. Then I am always reminded that Isaiah's response to the greatness and grace of God was to desire to be in the employ of God. It seems to me that this is where we often fall short. We want to experience the gr! eatness of God and we desperately want the grace of God, but when it comes to serving God we stop short because of the cost. One of the fascinating truths, to me, about Isaiah's call is that it was not a specific, personal call but rather a more general, corporate one. God simply asked for someone to take His message and then Isaiah gladly, and passionately chose to volunteer. As I reflect on God's movement in my life I hope that I am a volunteer, like Isaiah, and not simply a spectator, like the many others who were present but chose not to respond when God spoke to Isaiah.

Below I've placed a couple pictures of our Worship Center and our worship team leading worship. You'll notice that we're kind of small. In spite of our physical size, we are growing. We're close to filling our sanctuary and are looking to move to 2 services in the fall. In fact, with a special guest that will be leading worship with us on Sunday, we're anticipating to possibly even have to place chairs in the aisle to sufficiently meet our space needs. I hope this short story about how God is moving among us will encourage you this week!

Lifesong Worship Band

MVBC Worship Center