Win a library!

That's right, Kevin Stilley has announced a contest in which he is giving away a library of books! The contest is going to go from now until Christmas and the books are actually being donated by publishers, vendors etc. In fact, here is what Stilley says himself about promoting the contest.

The more links we can get back to this post, the more product will be donated by publishers, labels, and vendors so keep those links coming. I would love for this collection to grown to about $10,000 worth of books, videos, music, etc. Someone is going to get a really nice Christmas present!

As Stilley points out in the comment above, the only requirement to enter the contest is to blog about, post about it in a forum, or something of the sort and then to leave a comment in Stilley's comment stream.

I'm posting now to officially enter the contest, but I want it to be clear that I hope nobody else enters so that I can win! :-) My book fetish is extreme and my wife would be ever so happy if I didn't have to invest more money this Christmas. So, here's to you losing and me winning!

Click here for the actual contest post.