Why does God hate divorce?

God hates divorce, we are told in Malachi 2. Those are strong words and words which we seem to misunderstand as much as any within Scripture. Why is divorce singled out as a specific object of God's displeasure? Marriage is intended by God for our holiness and His glory above even our own happiness. Too often we miss this. The ultimate plan for our marriages is that they would reflect the Gospel story as Paul defined in Ephesians 5. It is because of that reality that God hates divorce. The act of divorce destroys the marriage covenant which is intended to reflect Christ's own covenant of salvation with His followers. When we divorce, then, we are in effect displaying a picture that Christ's own covenant with His church can fail. Instead of embodying Christ's commitment to "never leave us or forsake us" we are teaching through our actions that God and His commitment is contingent and can fail if we are unfaithful. Therefore, our commitment to our spouse in marriage is significantly greater than a simple, legal agreement. The very nature and reputation of Christ's Gospel is on display in the manner which we relate to each other.