Where’s the beef?

Or, in this case, where's the missing article? About 2 weeks ago, Midwestern Seminary Theology Prof., Dr. Mark DeVine, shared about the confusion created when the Pathway wrote an article [click here] that appeared to allude to the fact that DeVine had somehow endorsed the uneducated bashing of Acts 29 that came out of a recent meeting of the Theology Sub-committee of the Missouri Baptist Convention. Those of us who know Dr. DeVine were shocked to read the article, and much relieved to read his response [click here]. Dr. DeVine then shared, on his blog, that Pathway editor Don Hinkle had invited him to write a ! response to be published in the next edition of the Pathway. Dr. DeVine wrote such a response and it was made available on his blog as of April 28th. Unfortunately, however, when I received my most recent edition of the Pathway, yesterday, I was dismayed to discover that DeVine's article was missing. I quickly emailed Dr. DeVine and he confirmed that he had forwarded the response to the Pathway but had no idea why it was not published in the Pathway. So, that begs the question of those in the know, "Why wasn't Dr. DeVine's article published?"

I'm trying to hope that it was just a matter of timing and that Devine's response will be published in a later issue. If so, however, it will be a little unfortunate since this underwhelming response from the Theology Sub-committee [click here] was offered in this most recent issue. It's too bad we couldn't hear from DeVine himself.