When atheists are better apologists than Christians

Penn Jillette is a well known comedian and magician, who also happens to be an ardent atheist. He has written such works as "God, No!" and "Every day is an atheist holiday!" to communicate his position as a non-believer. Wednesday night Jillette took to the airwaves on Piers Morgan's CNN show to discuss the Pope and Catholicism with Morgan, who is himself a Roman Catholic. What followed was a pretty remarkable apologetic for the church, from the atheist to the catholic. You can see the resulting clip below.

This, of course, comes not too many years after Jillette offered an apologetic for Christians and evangelism, an argument that was far stronger than most I've ever seen a Christian make. It's an interesting time when you find an atheist who makes a better case for biblical Christianity than does many Christians.

You can see the video clip I just referenced below.

HT: Trevin Wax