What's your favorite?

Blogging will be slow for the next week or so. I won't write as much and, according to my statcounter, you won't read as much. I am curious, though, in this slow blogging season, if you would share with me what your favorite books of the Bible are and why? I'll start:

Old Testament: Isaiah

I am amazed at the greatness of God in Isaiah. Whether the prophet is talking about God's glory or God's mission or, the greatest message of all - the coming Messiah, there is no avoiding the greatness and majesty of God in the book. It is a captivating book to me.

New Testament: Philippians

I love the message of the gospel as seen in Philippians. Beyond that, I love the clarion call to partner with other believers to be on mission with God as we see it in Philippians. I also appreciate the no-nonsense message about following Christ as we see in places like Philippians 3:10-11.

What about you?