What a gift!

A week ago a sweet lady in my church presented to me a gift that blew me away! She handed me a shoebox and inside was two books. The first was a King James Version of the Bible that was originally published in 1865 by George E. Eyre and William Spottiswoode. The 2nd book was a book called "The Royal Path of Life" and was printed in 1880. The Bible includes the apocrypha, which is a bit fascinating to me. I am a pretty big history nut and so these are incredible, in my opinion. They will be put together with my other biblical artifact, that being a page out of a 1607 Geneva Study Bible that was given to me about 8 years ago. So, that brings me to my questions. Does anoyne reading know anything about these books? I would love to know more about them. A cursory Google search turned up little information. I've included pictures that I took this evening below. Let me say thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

The Holy Bible

The Royal Path of Life by T. L. Haines & L.W. Yaggy

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