West African Thanks

Those of you who have read this blog much know that I love West Africa. Our time spent their working with the Dagaara people was the single most defining event of our ministry. We believe that God has called us to serve the local church and help equip others to serve overseas as missionaries and that keeps us focused on our work here in the states. We still, however, retain a significant amount of love and respect for the missionaries on the field. The West Africa region has put together and incredible website that delivers a tremendous amount of information to help pray for and volunteer to work among, West African people. I particularly love the new feature that highlights videos of West African missions.

I want to post one of those videos below. This is a thank you offered by David who is an IMB missionary in the country we used to live in, Burkina Faso. He has been working faithfully as a missionary in West Africa for many years. This video, and the others, are wonderful reminders of how the sacrificial giving of Southern Baptists continues to impact the Kingdom in tremendous ways.