Weekend Worship :: Smorgasbord

I am getting ready to jump on a plane and head down to Lakeland, Florida where I'm going to have the privilege of speaking all week at the church my good friend, Richard Williamson, pastors. Richard and I have been friends since college, which is (unbelievably) almost 12 years now. None-the-less, I'm not really planning to post anything for a while so I think I'll give you a few different worship videos to watch this weekend.  The first video is a great example of a beautiful hymn which has been rerecorded by the David Crowder Band. O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing is a beautiful expression concerning God's majesty by Charles Wesley. For the whole story of how Wesley originally wrote the hymn as well as the story behind how Crowder "messed up" the song, click here.

This next video is of my all time favorite song. It's the majestic, and inspiring hymn, "Amazing Grace". This too has been rerecorded, this time by Chris Tomlin. There is no word or concept in all of God's great scripture that I adore more than grace. I hope this moves you like it moves me.

Finally I want to post one last incredibly moving hymn. Kristian Stanfill has done a tremendous job taking this classic masterpiece and leading us in worship in a manner which glorifies our great God and moves the worshipper.

I hope these songs bless you this week and lead you as your worship our Savior!

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