Weekend Worship :: Let me sing

I am sporadically getting back around to posting Weekend Worship again. A little over a year ago I had the opportunity to enjoy a worship service during the gathering of the now seemingly defunct Missional Network that featured two incredibly dynamic speakers, Bob Roberts (who will be with us at our church in October) and Ed Stetzer (who I tried to get to come as well but who was not able to come). Before they could speak however, we were led in worship by Todd Fields. Although I had heard of Todd before, this was my first introduction to him live and in person. I sat on the front row which was incredibly enjoyable. I love to worship loud. I'm pretty convinced that heaven won't resemble much of the all too quiet, Precious Moments angelic services that feature harps and clouds that are way too prominent in discussions about heaven. But I digress. Fields, as well as his band, led us in worship that evening and absolutely did a phenomenal job of helping point us to God. One of his songs, which has become a favorite of mine, Let me Sing, is the song I've posted for Weekend Worship this week. (download the chord charts here) I love the words in this song that say, "Let me sing, louder than creation to You, for the pain you bore in Your body, to bring my soul to You." I can assure you that I hope that I never get caught being drowned out by the stones. What a privilege to sing, at the top of our lungs, in worship to our always deserving Lord. Enjoy.