Weekend Worship :: God with us

Two weeks ago we took a quick weekend vacation to relax at the Lake of the Ozarks with some wonderful, and generous friends from Frederick. We love heading down there because it's one of the most relaxing times all year for us. While we were down there we had the privilege of attending worship with the great folks at "The Church at Osage Hills" which just recently changed their name from Osage Hills Baptist Church. While worshiping with them, their Worship Pastor, Zack Atchley, led us in singing Mercy Me's song "God with us" which was one of the most moving worship songs I've song in quite some time. I've been singing it over and over for the past two weeks. One line in particular has just rung in my head which says, "such a tiny offering, compared to Calvary, nevertheless, we lay them at Your feet". That's often how I feel in worship. My offering is frighteningly small in comparison to the cross, yet it's all that I have so it's what I offer. I hope it encourages you this weekend.