Weekend Worship :: Glorious Impossible

This week I am excited to talk about Jesus. As much as there is to talk about in our faithwalk with Christ, there is nothing more simple yet more profound than the person of Jesus Christ. Our faith rests squarely on the shoulder's of His grace. The song this week is one that I've just recently found entitled "Glorious Impossible" by Worship leader, Carl Cartee. Cartee is very new to me. In fact, as of three weeks ago I had never heard him but I am quickly becoming a big fan. In an even more exciting twist, he has made 6 of his songs available online for free as a download. Check it out at his website www.carlcartee.com. The song Glorious Impossible, however, focuses on the person of Jesus and the impossible reality that He loves us and offers us His grace. It's a powerful reminder this weekend that we are really nothing and He is everything. 

I hope it really encourages you this weekend!