Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Well, did winter hit with a fury! We've enjoyed unseasonably warm weather to date here in Northwest Missouri this year. All that has changed now. We woke up this morning to a white, white view. We started getting some of the fattest snow flakes I've ever seen last night at about 11pm. It stopped this morning around 10am. The weatherman was calling for anywhere from .5 inches (us) to maybe 5 inches (southwest of KC) and was off by a long shot. We got around 2 inches and all over Kansas City they were covered with anywhere from 6 inches to a foot. Some of you may know but if you don't, I hate snow. Now, to be honest, I like the way it looks. I really enjoyed driving to work today and looking at the beautiful scenery. What I don't like, however, is what it and ice do to the roads nor how I feel when I'm covered in snow myself. Thankfully this time the roads stayed clear where I live and I didn't have to touch the stuff. Accordingly, I can chalk this up as one good snowstorm this year. Oh how I long for Christmas in Florida wearing shorts and playing golf! I'll enjoy that in 4 weeks! (It can't come soon enough) I've included pictures so that you visual people can understand what we're dealing with.


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