Walking away

Do you ever struggle with being involved in pointless arguments and/or activities? I know I do. I love a good debate and often find myself trapped in the middle of discussions that benefit no one and suck my time out of my schedule. Time mangement is an issue that I'm really praying that God will help me with over the next few weeks. I want to maximize my time for Him. Perry Noble, of NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC, has written a timely piece on knowing when to walk away. I read it with great interest and not the smallest amount of conviction. I would really encourage you to do so. You can read it by clicking here.  One paragraph from his article, realy struck a chord with me.

I am pretty much through fighting with Christians.  I can’t–the Lord is showing me that, more and more, we are on the same team…AND that Christians who think they are always right and feel it is their job to discipline and correct the world are drunk…drunk on their own pride and arrogance and cannot be reasoned with.

The last line, in particular, is so true about so many of these arguments. Minds will not be changed, barriers will not be broken down by our persistent arguing over issues that have not been "solved" over the past two thousand years. There is a time and place to enter into debate, but for the most part we who are committed to Kingdom building have bigger things to do.