Waiting and wondering

On Wednesday of this past week the Executive Committee of the Missouri Baptist Convention terminated Dr. David Clippard as the Executive Director. [read here] Since the termination I have been trying to withhold judgment about the actions of the EC. I have had my doubts about their decision but have been told, on multiple occasions that I need to wait for more information. I recieved an email from a Missouri pastor whom I trust who communicated the need to wait for more information, in the Baptist Press article [read here] about the firing we were told that information would possibly be forthcoming "later this week." Obviously that has not happened. In fact, the only information that continues to be released is done by a secular news agency. In fact, today I read this article by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch which (rather than clear things up for me, a! nd instill confidence in me in regards to the EC's decision) has caused me greater concern. [read here] In fact, this line in particular from the article bothers me greatly; "I specifically asked if any of their charges included anything they found which was immoral, unethical, unbiblical, financially mismanaged or innapropriate," he [Clippard] wrote. "Their response was, No."

I am not sure as to the delay of the release of information but I am growing more skeptical by the day and look forward, with great anticipation to having my confidence in the Missouri Baptist Convention Executive Committee restored upon the release of said information, but to that end I am doubtful. As a pastor who entered the MBC on the heels of the devastating decision to sue the 5 "breakaway" entities and who has continued to see little positive news out of the convention I am less encouraged than I have ever been.

MBC EC, please give us good news. We need it!