Voting & the Kingdom of God

Four years ago I prepared to go to the polls and vote, and before leaving, I wrote the following article. In light of today's election, it seemed appropriate to repost the article. I hope you find encouragement in it._________________________________________________________________________

I’m getting ready to head to the polls where I will place my vote in just a few short minutes. From what I hear, I will be joined by possibly the largest turnout of American voters in our country’s history. Even though I have long ago decided who would receive my vote I take great solace in the thought that my vote will not sway the purposes and will of God, in either direction. I will vote, and I hope that you will vote as well. We are privileged as American citizens a right that is certainly not offered to the vast majority of inhabitants of our world. However, we must be cautious not to assume too much regarding the election process.

Regardless of the outcome, however, we can remain thankful and excited about our God and our country with the knowledge that we are ultimately serving the King of the universe who’s sovereign plans cannot be thwarted and whose Kingdom cannot fail! Whether the winning candidate be the man we chose, or he be the man we are in opposition to, his election will not surprise God and neither will it stop Him. Additionally, in spite of what every politician wishes you to believe, they will also fail to be the “savior” they claim to be. The election of a President, among other leaders, is surely an important moment in our country’s life. It will not, however, be the answer to our moral, ethical, and ultimately spiritual condition. Politicians and legislation will not rule the day when it comes to the establishment of a country, government or civilization which honors God and lives by His principles. No, thankfully that is not dependent upon an election. Unfortunately, however, that IS dependent upon you, and as of right now God’s church has failed miserably in cultural reformation. The transformation of our country will not happen due to the influence of a politician, it will happen due to the influence of a transformed people who change things from the inside out. If it continues to deteriorate, it again will not ultimately be the fault of the politician. The blame will ultimately rest squarely on the shoulders of those who claim citizenship in the Kingdom of God who fail to exercise their godly influence as they connect with non-believers and communicate the great Gospel of our Savior.

So, as you spend your day, please commit yourself to exercising your civic privilege to vote. Please cast your ballot for the candidates that you can clearly support, based on biblical principles and godly decision making. Do not, however, leave today thinking that this act of voting is the sufficient exercise needed, on your behalf, to change our country. Most of all, regardless of today’s outcome, do not walk around tomorrow ecstatic, or deflated. Yes, elections matter. Ultimately, however, the direction of our country will not rest on today’s outcome. It will instead rest on the decisions of Christ followers all across our country as we go to our places of employment, education, recreation and worship. Finally, remember that we can remain excited, upbeat and encouraged, regardless of today’s outcome knowing that all things rest in the power of the Amighty’s hand.