Variety is the spice of life

I have really not kept up with SBC blogs as much as I used to. I enjoy SBC political life, but unfortunately I sometimes enjoy it too much and it consumes too much time. Because of that, I've mainly avoided the fray in order to focus on family, church and school. An example of my distance from much of it would be the fact that I somehow missed a phenomenal post from Dr. Nathan Finn a couple months ago detailing the variety within SBC conservative life. He also goes on to offer some commentary about the various streams within our convention as part of an effort to lead us to a greater sense of unity. I can affirm his article, and identify with his article, wholeheartedly. If you haven't read it yet (and I'm sure many of you already have), I would encourage you to run over and take a look. It is a great, concise primer on where we've come from and where we currently are as well as were we possibly could be going. You can read the article here.