Update on my sister

Bekah Fries Thank you so much for praying for my sister, Rebekah. The West Africa regional leadership has been very cautious in their dealing with her situation and they have concluded that she must return home to recuperate from her illness. As she is in a short term job (2 year Journeyman), this will end her term. Bekah will arrive in the states tomorrow evening. Bekah has been very concerned with honoring God in this whole process and she is now at peace with this new decision. The positive aspect of this process, however, is that Randy Arnett (West Africa Regional Leader) has cleared her to return to West Africa with the IMB after she recuperates from this illness and the medical department has done the same.

So, please continue to pray for Bekah as she tries to decide what to do next. Pray for her as she determines whether or not to return to West Africa or to move on to a different venture.

In closing I want to say a big thank you to West Africa regional leadership. I have, at times, been critical on this blog of some of their decisions. It's important to emphasize that I value and appreciate them and their sacrificial ministry, although I am not always in lock-step with their decisions. During this process they have been very persistent in helping do what would honor God and be best for Bekah. Randy Arnett in particular has been very encouraging to Bekah.

Thanks again for your prayers.

Family, IMBMicah Fries