Thinking about the climate

SBC Creation Care

 I'll be honest enough to admit that I often look skeptically upon the actions of men like Al Gore who preach about the need to prevent global warming and yet live in monstrous homes doing excessive damage to the environment. It seems to me that they struggle with practicing what they preach. As a result of their hypocrisy I am often, unfortunately, uncomfortable accepting the premise that they are trying to promote. As a result I, like many evangelicals, have been difficult to convince in regards to issues like Global Warming. That reticence to embrace their philosophy based on pre-determined biases, however, has probably impaired my ability to really consider their claims. If I am fair it is only appropriate to admit, at a minimum, that conservative evangelicals have not embraced creation care nearly to the degree that we should have, from a biblical perspective.  

Thinking along those lines, I am encouraged by a recent effort by leading Southern Baptists to admit our lack of support for creation care and admit that we should be more supportive of the need for said care. Beyond that, I am encouraged by our efforts to at least consider that these claims may have some level of validity in them. The initiative that I'm speaking about is the Southern Baptist Environment and Climate Initiative. It is led by Jonathan Merrit and has been endorsed by a variety of heavy hitters in SBC life. Men like Danny Akin, Malcomn Yarnell, David Dockery, Frank Page, Alvin Reid, Darrin Patrick and others have rallied around this effort to be more encouraging towards creation care and more willing to, at a minimum, consider the possibilities that others have espoused in regards to global warming, among other things. 

I would encourage you to run by their website and take a look. If you agree with the statement, sign it as well. I just finished signing my name to it. Hopefully this will be an encouraging step in the right direction as we make a concerted effort to care for God's creation and consider scientific evidence from a biblical perspective and be better stewards of what God has given us.