They just keep coming!

I'll tell you what, this is a great time to be a part of Frederick Boulevard! I am so thankful for what God is doing among us. Today was amazing for a number of different reasons, many of which we shared with those of you who were there, each of them is worth getting excited about, and each of them is worth recapping so here goes!

  • Our Worship Team once again blew me away in both services! I am so grateful for how they lead us in worship!
  • Beyond that, the rest of our staff keeps amazing me. Gary, Anthony, Vikki, Jan, Debbie, Brenda, Rex, Charles, Steve and Ray work hard to make sure that everything is taken care of. I was reminded again this morning just how thankful I am that they are on our team. I can't be thankful enough for the incredible staff that we have at Frederick!
  • Chris Ellis, our new Director of Children's Ministries, begins her time with us tomorrow! I am so thankful that Chris is joining us. I hope you make her welcome. She's going to do an amazing job.
  • Trey Drowns has begun working with us as our new Intern in the area of Worship Ministry. I hope you are as excited about Trey as I am. God is going to use Trey in amazing ways!
  • We have no less than 4 major missions projects over the next 5 weeks! From our Path to Victory NASCAR outreach to our upcoming trip to Guatemala, to our StJoeServe community wide service project and finally our Go Conference! Wow. I get tired just thinking about it. God is going to do some amazing things through our church's commitment to reaching out.
  • Also, we have our candidate for the new position of Hispanic Campus Pastor coming in this week to interview, for a final time, with our Elders. If all goes well, we'll bring him before the church soon!
  • Our attendance keeps growing! Through August we were up 20% since last year but when you factor in the month of September it grows to around 30%! It looks like we're on track to finish the year with our highest attendance ever. It's been fun as we've started planning for a 3rd service. Wow, isn't God incredible???

Oh, and on top of all that, I get home tonight and find out I won in both of my fantasy football leagues, and I see the following pictures on What a great day!

It's good to see SEC teams occupying half of the top ten and also to watch Aaron Rodgers prove again that Green Bay's management may actually know what they're doing.

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