The Nines // Bob Roberts

Today, the folks over at Leadership Network hosted an event like none that I've ever seen. On 09/090/09 they hosted a conference called "The Nines". They asked almost 80 speakers to each contribute a message, with the caveat that they can't speak for more than 9 minutes. The content was tremendous - in fact it was much like standing under a waterfall and being bombarded with material. I wanted to begin to introduce you to some of the material they featured, but I want to do it in such a manner that would be easy for you to consume, so I'll be posting a few of these messages over the next few days, and I hope they will challenge you as much as they did me. I want to start with Bob Roberts. There are few pastors in the country today who challenge me as much as Roberts does. His thinking about engaging people with the message of God, particularly those in the Muslim world, is extremely powerful, but is radically different than the practice found in most churches. Bob is the pastor at Northwood Church in Keller, TX. He also blogs at Enjoy!