The mother of my children

I want to take a moment and just write a short note and recognize the woman that I love more than my own life and who, over the past 3 and a half years, has shown me how magnificent of a mother that she is. My wife, and Grace and Kessed's mother, Tracy, is the most significant woman in my life for good reason. It's not simply because she's beautiful, although she is, but she has become the most significant woman in my life because of her depth of character, strength of spirit, her passion for me and in particular to today's topic, her fervor for motherhood. I'm not a great parent. I want to be, and I try to be, but it's not all that natural for me. Tracy, on the other hand, is in most cases, God's gift to motherhood. Her longsuffering and patience, her unparalleled focus, her strength of love and devotion all amaze me. It would take, literally, at least 4-5 of me to accomplish what Tracy alone accomplishes with our daughters. More than my helpmate, ! she is my partner, my lover, my playmate and most of all, my best friend. On Mother's Day it is my privilege to say that Tracy is my wife and the mother of my daughters. I love you babe!