The Lesson of the Lid

I found a video on Saturday and I'd like you to take a second to watch it and the read a couple thoughts I have below it.

1. When thinking about the principle of the lid, its application in our churches is obviously that the leadership of the church is "the lid." John Maxwell, in a chapter aptly entitled "The Law of the Lid" makes the statement that "A group of people cannot rise above its leadership". In other words, you are the best your church will ever have - at least in theory. Now it's certainly true that every church has those who stand out above the rest, but for the vast majority of your church people, you are the best example they will probably ever hope to become like. If that is true of you, how high are you setting the bar? As I spend time thinking about this in my own life and church I realize that I need to set it higher. It's rather convicting isn't it?

2. When we worked with the IMB we were required to process through a document entitled an "end-vision." The purpose was to envision what we imagined the church among our people (the Dagara) to look like fully formed and then to work backwards to where we were at the beginning. The point was that you had to build in at the beginning what you wanted at the end. The lesson of the lid teaches that same principle.

What about you? Are there things you know need to change in your church life but you allow them to remain the same because change is difficult? If you really hope to have something in the end - at a place of completed formation - it's important to realize that it has to be there in the beginning.

The lesson of the lid is a difficult one to swallow sometimes, but it's an important one to consider. I hope you're thinking about it today.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

HT: Donnie Spivey