Thanksgiving means to me…..

....12 hours at the Marriott. Yep, since hotels don't close and I need a week off at Christmas, I'm stuck pulling a 12 hour shift as the Manager on Duty at the Kansas City Airport Marriott for Thanksgiving. Before you feel too sorry for me, though, I'll have to admit that I volunteered for it to insure that I can get Christmas off. I'm feeling a little dissapointed right now but not too bad. In reality Thanksgiving is mostly about eating and being with family anyway. Since my family is not here (even though I love spending time with Tracy's family) and I don't really enjoy eating that much (I'm lobbying for the day when we can take pills that will provide all the nutritional value necessary so that eating becomes extinct) Thanksgiving becomes not that big of a deal. I'll admit that I'd love spending more time with Tracy and Grace and I'd enjoy the break from work and school and I'd love the football but other than that, I'll be ok at the Marriott. Besides, this should give me time to get a bunch of work done for school and church. Let's hope so anyway!

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