Suffering Well

Thanksgiving marked the one year anniversary since Matt Chandler suffered a serious seizure and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, only to find out that he had a large, malignant brain tumor. Over the past year he has experienced surgery, chemotherapy & radiation in an effort to kill the cancer. What is most remarkable, however, has been his very public walk through the process. When Chandler was diagnosed, he was already recognized as one of the most influential preachers in America. As such, his diagnosis was big news across the Evangelical landscape. In light of that, Chandler's response to the cancer has been heavily scrutinized. Under the intense lights, he has consistently displayed a faithful picture of one walking with Christ, trusting Him, through it all. Not to say he hasn't had his doubts, or difficulties, because he has been transparent about having those as well. However, through it all he has remained a faithful example of what it means to believe in the sovereignty of God at all times.

Most of us have people we know & love who are suffering, or have suffered through cancer. I know one in particular who is on my mind, and in my prayers even as I write this. Cancer is an excruciating disease. The depths of its pain are difficult to watch. I cannot imagine what it would be like to experience it. As I see Chandler's faith in the midst of his crisis, it encourages me about his faith, but it also reminds me to pray even more fervently for healing, but most of all for the peace of God to rest in the hearts of those who I know & love as they struggle. I hope it does the same for you.

Below is a video that the Dallas Morning News posted concerning the 1 year anniversary of Chandler's diagnosis. I would encourage you to watch it, and read the accompanying news story [click here] and thank God for His grace in Chandler's life, and then pray fervently for him.

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