StJoeServe Sunday!!!

Wow what a day! StJoeServe was amazing today. To see hundreds of our people from Frederick living out the words of Matthew 25 was so exciting for me. I know I really enjoyed the work we got to do at the house I helped at, even though I did put a pair of shutters on upside down. ;-) Our Celebration Service was also amazing tonight! Aaron Robb, from McCarthy Baptist, did an incredible job of challenging us from Matthew 8. The money quote, for me anyway, was when Aaron asked, "When was the last time you invested in someone who could not give anything of value back to you?" Wow. That will stop you cold if you think about it. 

We also showed our compilation video which turned out inredibly well! Josh Smith did an awesome job filming the various sites around the city and I can't say thank you enough for the fantastic job he did putting the video together.

The other thing that really excited me was how much we were able to give the non-profit ministries that we sponsored this year. Habitat for Humanity, Second Harvest and T-Cap all recieved sizeable donations that were sorely needed to assist as they serve our community every day. What a privilege to be together with 16 other churches from across our city who understand the importance of serving those in need.

I'm already excited about next year.

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