Softball Update - Week 1

07-update.gif Well, as of tonight I'll begin publishing a weekly update that almost no one, probably, will care about. Our church is playing co-ed softball for the 3rd year in a row and this year I think we have our best team yet. Our first game tonight was against Deer Park Methodist Church, whom we've played many times and who we were confident that we could beat.

We really got roughed up, however, to begin the game, giving up 8 runs in the 1st inning. My friend, John, got a raw deal from the home umpire who narrowed the strike zone considerably for the opposing team. After the 1st inning, and our team down 8-1 (that one run coming courtesy of Jason Griffin's home run) our defense really picked it up, not giving up another run until the final inning of regulation. Our offense picked it up as well scoring 7 more runs and tying it up at the end of regulation.

Extra innings was a tense affair with each team picking up a run but nothing more than that even though many of our players were getting tired since our game didn't start until 9:30pm. In the second extra inning the umps decided to move to Texas Rules and the game picked up a bit of speed. In the second extra inning we thought we got robbed by a strikeout call by the home plate that we clearly a foot past the batters box, but hey, what can you do, it's church league! In the 3rd extra inning our defense suffered a chink in the armor and we allowed the winning run to finish the game.

Final Score: Deer Park 10 Missouri Valley 9 Overall Record: 0-1