Shaun Groves live…

Shaun Groves Shaun Groves is a tremendous Christian songwriter and performing artist. In partnership with

href="">Compassion Intl. Shaun is making himself available to promoters at no charge through the month of August. If you are a church, school, etc. who might be interested in having a stellar concert at an nominal fee - and also helping save needy children at the same time - this is a great opportunity for you. They are looking for venues that are 300-600 in size and the only caveat is that you need to provide 6-10 minutes in the concert lineup for Shaun to share about Compassion Intl. and the opportunity to sponsor kids through that organization.

Our church has contacted him already about booking a date here in our town. I would encourage you to consider doing the same. This is a great chance to have a phenomenal Christian artist and help save the lives of needy children at the same time.

If you are interested, note the following requirements (which are ridiculously minimal) and then contact his booking agent, Brian, by emailing him here.

- HOTEL: You will need to provide one (1) non-smoking hotel at a local hotel. (nothing fancy, Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express are our favorites).

- POSTERS: Promoters will be provided with a pdf poster they will need to add their concert’s information to (place, time, etc). We expect no less than 100 of these posters to be printed and posted in high traffic areas (businesses, colleges, etc), and mailed or delivered to other churches and faith-based organizations interested in helping spread the word.

- INTERNET: Promoters should post concert information in a timely fashion on their web site, send it via e-mail to any lists they have access to and provide us with accurate contact information (web site, phone number, etc) to be listed on my tour page and myspace page.

- ROOM & SOUND: Provide a working sound system in a room that’s not too big and not too small (300-600 seats is ideal) and someone to man the sound system. Our sound needs are two microphones, two monitors, a guitar stand, a keyboard or piano, and a direct box (it’s a little metal thing that every church has that let’s me plug my guitar into your sound system.) - PEOPLE: We need to you to try your darndest to get 300 people to the concert. More is great, less is still appreciated of course, but three hundred is the expectation.

- FOOD: Provide a healthy hot meal for me and my road manager, Brody, before the show.

THAT’S ALL. It’s that simple. Let Brian know you’re interested and he’ll walk you through everything one step at a time.