SBC holds annual meeting again….

I have an idea for the theme for the Pastor's conference and convention for next year. We could call them: "Retread '06" or how about "Useless time '06"

I've had it with the SBC Annual Meeting. I refuse to waste my church's money by attending it or my state convention. I have much more profitable things I can do with our money. My presence, or lack thereof, does not change the outcome of the meetings at all. I have no voice whatsoever, and neither do you for that matter. Even if I did have a voice, I'm not interested in attending these meetings when they're so completely out of touch with the kind of ministry that I'm trying to accomplish, and the type that is genuinely reaching people out there. The meetings, in my opinion, serve mostly as a pat on the back session and provide a chance to see old friends. Therefore I refuse to attend. As a matter of fact, unless a new reason presents itself, I see no need to ever attend again.

By the way, don't preach to me about the fact that "everyone has a say" at the convention. I've grown up attending too many of these meetings, and other's like them, to know that there is no genuine input from anyone except the fairly tight-knit circle of leadership at the top. To be honest with you, I've decided that the convention has great benefit for the sake of our missionary effort but I don't see a lot of benefit in other directions. Therefore I choose to spend my time, effort and money in other ways than to mess with convention life.