San Francisco :: Epic Church :: Part 3

I haven't been able to update this recently because I only was willing to pay for 1 day of internet at the hotel. I figured I would just wait until I returned home and then finish posting thoughts and pictures. The completion of our trip was great. I think it's safe to say that both Jason and I were a bit amazed at the magnitude of the task of taking the Gospel to San Francisco. Thank you so much for your prayers during our trip! Now we would encourage you to continue praying as we determine whether we will move forward with a partnership or not. Finally, pray fervently for Ben & the rest of his team as they prepare to move to SanFran next summer to begin Epic Church.

Here are the last of the pictures I'll post from our trip. They feature a number of pictures taken yesterday afternoon while walking downtown. I hope you enjoy and I hope they compel you to pray for the city of San Francisco!